The Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF) is an integral part of the Conservative Party. All CMF members are full members of the Party and we believe that the fundamental values of the Conservative Party such as recognising the importance of the family, scepticism of state control, a belief in private enterprise, low taxes and personal responsibility are values that appeal to British Muslims.

The CMF's full objectives are set out on the Objectives page. They can be summarised as encouraging British Muslims to play their full part in the political life of our country, and in particular to support the Conservative Party, join the Conservative Party and stand as Conservative Party candidates.

10 JUL 2014

Mohammed Amin pays tribute to Lord Sheikh

Lord Sheikh's letter of 7 July 2014 gives the background to his relinquishing the chairmanship of the CMF. He formally communicated this to the Executive of the CMF at its meeting on Wednesday 25 June 2014. That meeting appointed him as President of the CMF and appointed Mohammed Amin as CMF Chairman and Ash Zaman as...

09 JUL 2014

Welsh Srebrenica Commemoration Event

On Wednesday 9 July 2014 Dr Altaf Hussain, Chairman of CMF Wales, attended the inaugural Remembering Srebrenica memorial event in Cardiff at the National Museum of Wales. The event was hosted by Mr Saleem Kidwai and the keynote speaker was David Melding AM, Deputy Presiding Officer of the...

07 JUL 2014

Lord Sheikh relinquishes CMF Chairmanship

Lord Sheikh has sent the letter at this link to all CMF members and supporters by email. For convenience the text of the letter is also reproduced below. The Lord Sheikh Conservative Muslim Forum The Conservative Party CCHQ 4 Matthew Parker Street London, SE1 7TY 7th July 2014 Dear CMF Members &...

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