The Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF) is an integral part of the Conservative Party. All CMF members are full members of the Party and we believe that the fundamental values of the Conservative Party such as recognising the importance of the family, scepticism of state control, a belief in private enterprise, low taxes and personal responsibility are values that appeal to British Muslims.

The CMF's full objectives are set out on the Objectives page. They can be summarised as encouraging British Muslims to play their full part in the political life of our country, and in particular to support the Conservative Party, join the Conservative Party and stand as Conservative Party candidates.

30 JUL 2014

Buddhist - Muslim Dialogue at House of Lords

On Wednesday 30 July the Conservative Muslim Forum organised a  gathering of Buddhists and Muslims for dialogue about concerns regarding recent events in some parts of Sri Lanka. People from all walks of life around the country, including Sri Lankans from all communities, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim...

22 JUL 2014

Altaf Hussain represents CMF at Royal Welsh Show

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show has been staged annually by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, and now has a permanent site Llanelwedd near Builth. It brings together urban and rural Wales with many activities throughout each of the four days of the event. That makes it an ideal place to...

16 JUL 2014

Altaf Hussain supports World War 1 Commemoration

This year around the world, nations, communities and individuals of all ages are coming together to mark, commemorate and remember the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War. The First World War claimed the lives of over 16 million people, involved over 100 countries from...

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