The Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF) is an integral part of the Conservative Party. All CMF members are full members of the Party and we believe that the fundamental values of the Conservative Party such as recognising the importance of the family, scepticism of state control, a belief in private enterprise, low taxes and personal responsibility are values that appeal to British Muslims.

The CMF's full objectives are set out on the Objectives page. They can be summarised as encouraging British Muslims to play their full part in the political life of our country, and in particular to support the Conservative Party, join the Conservative Party and stand as Conservative Party candidates.

We also advise Conservative candidates campaigning to Muslim voters. If you are a candidate and think we can help just get in touch.

08 JAN 2015

Attack on the Paris offices of French magazine "Charlie Hebdo" yesterday

The death toll in the attack by two masked gunmen and their getaway driver on the staff of Charlie Hebdo presently stands at 12 including two policemen, although several of the survivors have life threatening injuries. French police have identified the three individuals believed to be responsible....

06 JAN 2015

Campaigning in Enfield North

On 30 November 2014 CMF Executive Member Ajantha Tennakoon (pictured below wearing a dark coat and standing next to the table of leaflets) helped to support Enfield North Conservatives who were campaigning to help re-elect Nick de Bois MP (standing at the right of the photograph) in the general...

16 DEC 2014

Attack on school in Peshawar by Pakistani Taliban

The Conservative Muslim Forum is horrified by the deaths of at least 135 people, most of them children, in today’s attack by the Pakistani Taliban on an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan. We understand that the Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for this attack. There is no...

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