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17 MAR 2016

BME MPs in England & Wales

Mohammed Amin (our Chairman since June 2014) often writes about politics in his personal capacity, on Conservative Home and on his personal website. He has recently written about the figures for BME (black and minority ethnic) MPs in his piece on Conservative Home "BME MPs – A tale of two part...

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14 JAN 2016

Muslim demographics by constituency

The results of the 2011 National Census for England and Wales are of course publicly available. However it can be a nuisance trying to find something when you want it. We have downloaded the table of religion by constituency, and summarised it to show: An alphabetic list of constituencies, showi...

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13 JAN 2016

Booklet "Does Islam allow British Muslims to vote?"

Every general election you can find a small number of Muslims vociferously arguing that voting in British elections is prohibited by Islam. Their sole achievement is to persuade some Muslims not to vote, and thereby reduce their influence as citizens.  If you encounter a Muslim voter who has d...

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