The CMF Executive is willing to appoint individuals as patrons for an indefinite term, in consideration of a donation of £2,500 per annum.

Each Patron must be an individual who is on the Electoral Roll in the UK, and the donation must come from that person's bank account or from one of the following categories to comply with the law:

  • a UK registered company which is incorporated within the European Union and carries on business in the UK
  • a GB registered political party
  • a UK registered trade union
  • a UK registered building society
  • a UK registered limited liability partnership that carries on business in the UK
  • a UK registered friendly society
  • a UK based unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK

All Patrons will be named on the CMF's notepaper and on its website. They will be acknowledged appropriately when attending CMF events, with priority seating, and invited to patrons' events.

Patrons' Events

The CMF will organise two patrons' dinners each year in central London to be attended by:

  • The President of the CMF
  • CMF Patrons
  • The CMF Chairman Lord Sheikh and Lady Sheikh
  • The CMF Deputy Chairman
  • One or more invited speakers

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