08 OCT 2016

Shakeel Ahmed - Chairman Wandsworth Tooting Conservative Association

Shakeel joined the Conservative Party in 2010. Since then he has done some great work campaigning, and served as Deputy Chair, Membership for Tooting Ward. He was selected as the Conservative Party's Council candidate for Tooting Ward in the 2014 election. On selection Shakeel said:

"I am an aspiring candidate who has vowed to contest this election and bring about the desirable changes that are so much needed in society. I am one of you so I know the expectations of the common man. I understand the hardship of the people and will find a remedy through the proper channels. I want politicians to have a mandate and to be able to say, “The people have spoken!” I will stand for you and work as a team with you. I believe that your precious vote will affect the outcome of the election. I will strive to excel in this work so that you may prosper. It's crucial we continue the revolutions in welfare and education to ensure that the state meets the aspirations of the people of Tooting - and their children. I look forward to working hard for the opportunity to represent the people of Tooting. Leading on community engagement, including Community Plan, and tackling youth offending. Engaging young people in the life of the community e.g. Youth Parliament and their responsibilities as part of the whole community."

Shakeel was elected as Chairman of Wandsworth Tooting Conservatives in February 2016. He said:

"As chairman my vision is clear. For Tooting to work closely with the local council and policing team to build a strong and safer community. For Tooting Association to have a great team of officers and Councillors who are working hard with local communities, schools, religious groups, businesses and council to give better service and value for money which all Tooting resident deserve."

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A very inspirational person, All the best for your upcoming elections!
- jameel

You are a great leader and a campaigner, I wish you all the best. Look forward to helping you in next election.
- Meher

Wish you all the best for you path ahead as a politician. You are a hard-working and true leader!
- Syed

Proud of you for your incredible work to the community, best of luck.
- Adeela Iman

He is a very active member of the community, a very positive and a caring person. He has organized several charity events and he has never been negligent towards other communities. I wish him all the success in his life and political career.
- Ali

An excellent politician, Shakeel is also a great person. He is always available to help anyone in his constituency and communities. He will help anyone without differentiating colour, race or party. Shakeel is a future big name in politics .
- A Q Khan

I stood with Shakeel in the 2014 Council Elections and saw at first hand how hard working he is. He is very dedicated in engaging the local communities and embodies the best of our conservative ideals.
- Robert

It is my pleasure to know you Mr Ahmed. I have had several occasions to experience your vibrant leadership to unite not only the Muslims in Tooting area but also people from all religion. We are proud to have you as our friend in this locality and we admire your continuous effort for peace, equality and development. I wish you all the best.
- Manir Chowdhury

We learnt about conservative party since you stood in election, you changed our political views. You are our inspiration and a great community champion who works for all. Our best wishes and support will always be with you and your team.
- Qamer Ahmad

I have known Shakeel for many years and have always found him helpful and kind towards others. His efforts to bring peace and harmony between communities are admirable. I wish him best of luck for his future goals and charitable work.
- Moheb Asif

I have known Shakeel for many years and have always found him helpful and kind towards others. His efforts to bring peace and harmony between communities are admirable. I wish him best of luck for his future goals and charitable work.
- Moheb

Shakeel is a great parson.he is very friendly and very caring parson.you are good leader and campaigner. I wish him good success. best of luck.
- mohammed azad

Shakeel you work real hard for the community. You I do believe can be a leader one day. Hope you stand as Tory candidate in the future. You have my full support
- Sarbani Mazumdar

i have known you less than 12 months and find him very helpful, sympathetic and understanding " crowns belong to those who serve and he is an asset that cannot be bought " Good luck in all your future work with the communities
- carl

Although I am die hard labour party supporter but won't mind voting for shakeel, no matter which party he represents. He us a very hard working and honest individual. Am pleased to see him as potential candidate
- Muzammil

I found Mr Shakeel Ahmed honest, helpful,hardworking and a very good organiser. Will be useful for the party and others. My best wishes and prayers will be always with him (inshallah)
- Hadi shehzad

I am close to labour party's ideology but individuals like shakeel Ahmed make a big difference. A great personality, Trustworthy and passionate to serve community are few aspects of his versatile personality.
- Muzammil Abid

Shakeel proved that nothing is impossible If you have passion and dedication then sky is the limits, He is a great community leader and I am proud to know Shakeel personally who's hard work and passion gave him this success. I wish him all the best for his future in political career.
- Ch. Anis

You are an excellent politician, kind hearted and very caring personality. Your work towards every community inspires many of us. Your efforts in building a strong relationship between communities are admirable. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the success in your future.
- Mahid

Very good person! With a charming personality and leadership, best of luck for your upcoming elections and campaigning..!
- Sharjeel

Very good person! With a charming personality and leadership, best of luck for your upcoming elections and campaigning..!
- Sharjeel

Shakeel I'm happy that Conservative party chosen the right candidate. I know your skills& abilities who leads the team in a friendly way. I live in tooting and I have witnessed your achievements as a local community guy in tooting from 2010. You are true inspiration for young people in Conservative party and we are delighted to have a reliable candidate like you in tooting to build safe and stronger community.
- Raja

Country need this kind of people to move the country forward. Keep move on Mr Shakeel all the best...
- Babu

I like Shakeel because of his honesty, hard work and caring behavior. He is well mannered, very capable and positive attitude he work hard for communities ties. I worked with him in many campaigns and I loved to join him in future too. All the very best of luck !!!!!
- Ata

" The three best things I personally seen in Shakeel: He is humble amidst the vicissitudes of fortune; He pardons when he is in power; and He is generous with no strings attached."
- Adil

Shakeel is a creative man he is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. I wish him for his great political career.
- S M Rabbi

I am witness of Shakeel's hard work to the community, he helped many with out any discrimination race or religion. His biggest projects was bringing community together by helping them organizing street lunch, litter picking and peace prayers. He will be a great politician and good luck for his future.
- Naveed Nagi

Your incredible investment in your community is commendable and I am pretty sure adding value to your neighbors and those around you
- Shukoor Ahmed

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